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Best tool for small size business, helps deliver good performance, thereby increasing productivity.

Proojo is an online project management app that helps you plan your work and keep track of your progress. It also lets the people in the project communicate easily, discuss ideas, and stay updated.

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Manage your Business effectively.

A project can be managed efficiently, everything starting from the planning to implementation of the project will be documented at one place. It’s a one stop for all the Tasks being carried out during one particular project phase. Managing a business effectively is the key to the establishment and growth of the business.

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Project Card

This is a work space dedicated to one particular project, inside which we can have discussion on a specific topic, to do list, Assign task to someone, assign tickets or the bug list, wiki – where everything about each particular project is documented.

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Team Discussion

This tool offers a way for businesses of small size to engage in secure, private, and immediate communications, an all-in-one solution for business, helps teams to communicate smoothly and consistently. This tool Kills the email communication, it’s a one-point stop for all project discussion.

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To Do List

To do list will have the task assigned to each person in a particular project. View today’s tasks, high-priority tasks, to-dos for the week or month, or simply everything on your list. Share and assign tasks, discuss projects in real-time, and get notified when people make changes.

Simple, clean and functional

The simpler the process the more effective the work, yielding efficient results on time.

  • Everything in a glance
  • Team collaboration in implementing the project
  • Everyone is on the same page
  • Less meetings.
  • Increased efficiency / productivity
  • Improved communications

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Issue Tracker

Issue Tracker is like a Bug tracker for a project. When an assigned task is completed, and if there is issues in your task done. That’s where you open a ticket and assign to a specific member in the team to look into it and close it.

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Project Milestone

The tool will have project milestones which can be any highly significant task, event, occurrence or decision, it can be any significant checkpoint or phase in the project life cycle.

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360 Degree View

When u click on a project you will know entire end to end, overview of project, deadlines, as such. Since the entire project planning to execution phase is readily available in the work board.

Proojo is for small and medium size business.Everything from planning to execution under one umbrella.

Anyone scheduling a project will highly benefit from this app. The planning process to execution process can be documented. Making it super effective as all the team members are aware of the changes at any given point of time.

Any small scale business that want to plan and communicate better

Simple and Affordable Price

19.99 per month

Unlimited projects

25 Members

Try Proojo – Maximum visibility with minimum clutter of tasks.