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8 Effective ways to have stakeholders and customers happy

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In a small business management, it is important to balance both the stakeholders and customers for the smooth and effective running of business.

The engagement of stakeholders plays a vital role in the success of a small scale business. It is important to keep the stakeholders engaged and happy. Once the stakeholder sees you as an integral member of his team to bring success to the business, he will understand that you are working on his agenda. The power of a happy customer or stakeholder can have over other customers, and these same people are often instrumental in helping to identify which of the project office’s strategies are most effective and why.

There are a few critical points in keeping the stake holders and customers happy.

For stakeholders

  • Clear Communication:

It is important that the stakeholders are well aware of every phase of the business. This gives them confidence in the business and they won’t be surprised at any changes during the project life cycle.

  • Update your stakeholders on the project – deliver both the good and bad news.
  • Making sure that you deliver on your commitments on time.
  • The stakeholders preferred level of involvement must be known
  • The feedback of daily or weekly meetings is vital, and has to be put across to the stakeholders.
  • Ensure effective two-way communication. These go a long way in making your stakeholders happy.
  • Conduct Project surveys—those conducted while the project is still underway as well as the standard questionnaires distributed after a project is complete—are a good starting point.
  • Team collaboration tools can be used which will help in better management of the project, giving the stakeholders a clear picture.
  • Small business should always mark every milestone achieved and showcase this to the stake holder.

When looking for better ways to grow your small scale business, it is important to have good customer relationship management. As customers are the key to any business growth. Relationship with the customers will hold the business together for the long run.

Few simple yet important points to remember to keep the customers happy are listed below:

For Customers:

  • The business application or tool developed by the team must be user friendly.
  • Make promises you can keep.
  • Encourage customer feedback
  • Fulfill all reasonable request, even if it is a small one.
  • Knowing when and how to apologize.
  • Avoid automated telephone systems, make ways for customers to reach the business directly.
  • Send greetings or gift cards to customers on festive occasion, wishing them happiness.
  • Rewarding customers for loyalty and calling them up personally to know if we are doing well, and checking if they are happy with our application or tool.

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