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Project Management – Tips for Helping your Adopt a Process

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Successful project management depends not only on what you do, but also on how you do it. Time is of essence, the most work that can be done in less time makes a team deliver on time and be on schedule with the deliverables committed. Planning and preparation, can help you put your project into the best shape even before you begin, and hopefully minimize the types of interruptions that can derail the best-laid plans. Proper work before beginning a project can also ensure that any unexpected occurrences can be dealt with swiftly and efficiently. To have a good project management it is well advised to look into certain project management tools, which can help the team in numerous ways, delivering on time, to be on the same page during discussions so on and optimize productivity.

7 Effective ways to manage a project are listed below.

1. Make a plan

Keep events in perspective. Understand where you want to go and how your plan will get you there. Recognize the effect your actions have on current and future efforts. Share your vision with the team.

2. Ensure you have full detail about the project in hand.

A completely detailed project scope, with approval from all stakeholders, is a necessity. If you get everything in writing at the beginning of the project, you have an excellent foundation to build upon. Change is inevitable, but you have to maintain control and point out when the project starts to take a different path from what was originally outlined.

3. Realistic expectations has to be set.

Keeping projects on track — especially in the face of constant change requests and additions — is a project manager’s greatest challenge. And when project managers don’t properly set expectations from the start — with senior management, the client or their team — and don’t have a strategy in place for dealing with scope creep or last-minute requests or changes, deadlines can suffer.

4. Assign tasks to team members.

Assign tasks to team members carefully, depending on the member’s strengths and weakness.

5. Measure the success rate of the tasks completed.

Taking a feedback or monitoring the process is important to understand the rate of success of the project.

6. Set up calendar reminders for milestones.

 To keep projects and team members on track, “set up calendar notifications, alerting the team when steps should be completed and due dates Setting up these notifications keeps everyone’s mind in the right place and right stage of the project. There are certain online applications like Projoo which can be used in such cases.

7. Evaluate the project.

Reviewing the project helps in understanding, the accuracy, timely delivery and scope of success or failure of the project.

In order to successfully accomplish the above listed there is a web based application tool which can be utilized and which has yielded great results for small scale business’s. Project Management of small scale Business can be done implementing this tool called Projoo. There is no harm in trying, is there?

Projoo is an online project management tool for small scale business which helps plan work and keep track of work progress, from discussions, assigned task, to do list and so on, all in one place.